The Left Hand Raised. Photographs 1995-2001

A post or two ago I showed a recent
book that had been published about
my work. I also gave instructions
on how it could be purchased
from Parsons Bookshop in Auckland.
Here is another book, a small one this
time. It was the catalogue for
an exhibition that I had called
The Left Hand Raised.
The exhibition was here
in New Plymouth at the
Govett-Brewster Art Gallery.
The photos in the book are all in black
and white, at that stage I was only
beginning to work in colour.
There are 24 photos, one per page,
and I have written notes on each
of them.
This book too can be purchased from Parsons.
It is $13, something like that.
The photo on the cover is called Isabella
which was the name of the doll.