Sabre F-86

All of my photographic life I have been interested in
photographing aeroplanes, not that I have had many
keepers over that time but there have been one or two.
I did take a successful photograph of a Sabre F-86
once though but can’t put my hands on it at present.
That Sabre was in a collection of historic aircraft
parked in the desert at Tucson, Arizona.
Nevertheless, here is a Sabre F-86 that I saw
earlier this week. Kept in a hangar at Ardmore
airfield just south of Auckland, it is an ex-Australian
Air Force model. Although it is undergoing restoration
whether it does get to fly again is uncertain.
Sabres first flew in 1949 and were developed over the next
10 years. More than 6000 were built. Famously, they
were used in the Korean War, where they were up against
the equally sculptural MiG 15. I was lucky to see a couple of
MiG 15’s being restored in Australia.