Clapham’s Clock Museum.

If visiting Whangarei at any time do call into this museum which is down
at The Basin, where there are boats and places to eat and also a giant sundial which told
me with great accuracy that the time was 3.25 pm.
There are hundreds of clocks on exhibit and the collection
is growing further as more clocks are donated. There are now
about 1000 clocks above the examples that the original Clapham
collection contained. Unfortunately there is now not enough room
for them all to be displayed so they have to be rotated.
My overall impression of the collection is that there is a high
degree of comicality about many of these clocks and I consequently
spent much of my time chuckling to myself.

The eyes on the Monkey clock kept moving from left to right
or perhaps it was the other way around. Remember that clicking on
these images will bring them up in a larger dimension. Not another dimension
alas, just a larger one.