Spots Before My Eyes.

I’m in what I could interpret as a time
of lean pickings, so when I feel my eyes being sucked in
by sharp Geiger Counter clicks I really sit up
and take notice.
I was recently offered a meal prepared by a friend who has the
impressive initials of RR. These cucumber slices were the very first
to appear on the table. I immediately reached for my little pocket Leica.
This cat photo below is the only one that I felt compelled to take
in a recent walk around the Auckland Zoo. Zoos used to be
rich picking ground in my early days but I seem to have
moved to other quarries. Still I am ready to revisit. I like to keep an open mind.
I would speculate that the spots on this magnificent animal are the main reason why
I picked up my camera at this point. I waited for
quite a while to get the best profile but that didn’t happen. Looking straight at me would have been the ideal but I had a 3 year old with me and she had other priorities.
This photo below is not a work I would exhibit. It’s the spots that are important I believe.