The Portrait

When I began photographing in the Seventies, I was very interested in taking portraits, and my interest lasted for several years, then it seemed to fizzle out, I lost interest almost entirely. Every now and then however the urge does come over me, the most recent occasion being about 5 years ago when in the space of about three weeks I took four or five portraits. Then the desire, inexplicably, left me again. Now however I am, quite suddenly, feeling a strong need to make some more.

Above is one of the portraits that I made at that time. In this case, Laura, now a fine and successful young woman.

Right now I am thinking about who would I like to choose as subjects. This is not an easy task because I don’t often see a face that photographically attracts me, it’s nothing personal, it’s more me than them. It seems that I am running my own personal Passion Play, and can only take photos of someone for whom I have a role.

A decade or so ago the Dalai Llama visited NZ. The organisers invited me to take a portrait of him. I had to politely decline because I simply didn’t have a part for him.