Yesterday afternoon this group came to visit Henderson House in Alexandra, where I am living until next Feb. Here they are being photographed by an accompanying lecturer.

Half way through this residency already. Eek. Haven’t had a keeper for some time. Oh well, other things have happened, material for new photographs I hope. Good theory anyway and I probably want to believe. But I digress. All but two in this photo are staff and students from Unitech in Auckland, on an architectural field trip. The extra two are a German couple now living here. A doctor and a pianist.

Their responses to the house and garden, especially when expressed in Architectural English, a vernacular I most particularly like, added to my enjoyment of this building and I thank them for that. There was no guided tour, it was more wander wherever you fancy, sit wherever you desire, linger wherever you wish. I even tidied up my bedroom. No more feral socks, for a while anyway, in spite of my best efforts, they have a talent for reinfesting I know. DDT next.

The basement of this house, behind the group in this photograph, was the source of the schist from which the walls of this house were constructed.

It was food for me to have conversations with visitors of such quality. And field trips as an educational
tool I believe in so we got off on the right foot from the start. Any of them would be most welcome to visit me again.