Stewart Island, The Last Perhaps.

For a couple of weeks I’ve been trawling through my Stewart Island photos, the result of 4 nights there. None I believe so far that are going to be part of my oeuvre, however I must study them and try to understand why, at a particular point, I decided to press the shutter. I might have just been reminded of something that I had made earlier. It’s called raking the ashes.

The top photo I took returning to Invercargill. I was sitting in the back row of a twin engined, fixed undercarriage, Britten-Norman Islander. This particular aircraft was built on the Isle-of-Wight. The two women in the row in front of me are DoC workers.

The early morning photo below was taken from the balcony of the accommodation I had on Stewart Island. There were Kaka, a forest parrot, and cousins of the alpine Kea, on the balcony waiting to be fed. I fed them dried dates although I heard that they like peanuts too. I probably should have been feeding them forest berries.