Sticking to the Ribs

I am nearly halfway through my 12 months here in Alexandra and am asking myself what photographs have I made in that time. Photographs that stick to the ribs I mean. Keepers.

Every day, all the time in fact, day or night, weekends too, I’m thinking about my work. I can’t seem to help it, the pressure seems irresistible. I do think that it can take its toll on those who are close though, I’ve always been sorry about that.

When I keep returning to an image that I have, that is a good sign. The snapper fillet that I photographed was taken a few months ago in my New Plymouth house and studio, when I had to make a visit there and it is one of those. The print is a large one, human sized and is pinned up there. This photo resonates within me in a deeply sad way, I find.