Gone Fishing

Last night I cooked some fresh Snapper, caught here off New Plymouth and for sale the same day, an advantage of living in a port town. In Central Otago and Southland I eat the southern Blue Cod, and of course, Bluff oysters. Well, once so far this season I admit, but there will be more to come I hope.

Before I began preparation of these fillets, I recorded this image. There is an element of flaying, an excoriation, an exposure of the underlying structure that I like. I am planning to photograph a skinned rabbit while I am in the South. Entrails I would like to work with as well. As a boy I often had to deal with entrails, of fish and fowl mainly. Sometimes sheep, sometimes rabbits.

Here is a photo that I made more than 10 years ago. This chicken also was
going to be part of my dinner.