Dunstan Mountains

Today I went on a 4 wheel drive trip into the Dunstan Mountains. I can see them from
where I live so I was especially curious to go there. An ordinary family car would not make it, it’s rugged country.

I was also very motivated to get there because, as I’ve written in previous posts, I’m eager to photograph the rocks that this area is famous for.

The first of these two photos I feel, is a bit more like it. There is a certain resonance to it. It gave me a sense of something ancient, even perhaps made by humans. I was reminded of the obelisk in 2001 A Space Odyssey. This ‘pressure of the more’ and I apologise for using this phrase before, is what I seek in any art work, regardless of the medium. Without it I find work empty.

This second photo is quite interesting. I would like to see it big before I make up my mind.
Unfortunately I don’t have a big printer here so that may have to wait.