Fruitlands is the name of the area where I took this photo today. Interesting name for somewhere that looks like this. Almost as puzzling as another nearby locality called Muttontown. Don’t think that I would want to live somewhere called Muttontown. I can say this because as far as I know no one lives there and I’m not going to get jumped on when I go for my morning coffee.

As you can see, I’m hot on the trail of rocks at present. I’m still not happy with any photos that I have taken so far but I’m giving myself an A for Effort especially as the giant temperature gauge in town said that it was 36 degrees today.

The photo below is from Butcher’s Dam where I was yesterday. I went back today to rephotograph this rock that I had noticed. It’s as if I have a built in geiger counter/metal detector that tells me that there is something in front of me that I need to pay attention to even if I don’t know why.

Yet when I see this it immediately reminds me of another photo that I
took a couple of weeks ago, the photo below of a cloud.

Perhaps it’s the shapes, the spaces, that attract me. In other words,
it’s not the ‘subject’ that’s the point, the template is.

Here is another example from ten years ago.