I have rats wanting to share this house with me, I hear the pitter patter of their little feet as they run around in the ceiling in the night. Alan, the caretaker, who handily, lives next door, has been laying poison, one large dose of which is in a kitchen cupboard.
I noticed that over the last few days it has been going down.

Yesterday as I got up and went into the kitchen to make a cup of tea I could hear scrabbling noises coming from the cupboard with the bait. Gingerly I opened the door. There was a rat on its back, with it legs paddling in the air. I slammed the door shut immediately and went for Alan’s help.

I did have an idea that there might be a photo in it so before I heaved the carcass over a steep bank in front of this house, I took a took a couple of snaps, but for some reason the head shot is slightly out of focus. The tail one is fine.

I don’t feel like going down the bank to retrieve the body so I will let it go.