Tecomanthe in Christchurch

Tecomanthe is the name of the flower in this photo, a photo from a couple of years ago. The actual print that I made, in an edition of 15, is not very large, a large hand would cover it.

Tecomanthe, the plant has an interesting history. It was discovered in 1946 on Three Kings island off the northern tip of New Zealand. A rambling climber, the botanists on the expedition found only one specimen. The island’s vegetation had been badly knocked around by goats that had been released there as food for future shipwrecked sailors. They have been exterminated.

I have heard reports that the original plant is now not in great health, ironically, suffering from the shade of the regenerating forest. Fortunately the plant has now become popular in gardens in the warmer parts of New Zealand.

In conjunction with the Govett-Brewster Art Gallery in New Plymouth and the Parks Department there, last year we had this large version of Tecomanthe made and put up on a wall in the main street.

Recently, after several months, it was taken down. Now another one has gone up in the foyer of the Christchurch Art Gallery.

This Sunday at 2 pm, at the Christchurch Art Gallery, I will be giving a talk about my recent work.