A View from the House

Here is a view from my balcony over the township and the new bridge in Alexandra.
On the hill in the background, tiny and rather indistinct is their famous clock. I’ll photograph this again I’m sure, and put it on this site.

Just visible is the Clutha, one of the biggest rivers in New Zealand, reaching the sea at Balclutha on the east coast, just below Dunedin.

Behind and under the new 1958 bridge is a pylon from the original one built in 1882. Laurence Aberhart photographed this, in fact it’s on the cover of the latest Auckland Art Gallery publication, On Show.

Below is a photograph of the architect of this house, taken about 3 years before he came to Alexandra by bus to undertake this commission.

This is a catalogue from a Plischke exhibition at the City Gallery in Wellington
in 2004.