Cook Strait Ferry and The 100 Day Cough

The top photo shows my MacBook, and various other items, as we headed out from
Picton into the open water, described on that day as ‘moderate’ I am pleased to
report. Any stronger than that and I would have had my head over the rail, the sea beckoning for my breakfast. I am not a good sailor. Usually I am the first
Last Tuesday I caught the 10 a.m. sailing from Picton to Wellington. At 1.30 pm I drove up the exit ramp onto Wellington’s artery north and pulled into my New Plymouth driveway at 6 pm.

All the way home and a few days before that I was suffering from sore throat, voice loss, and a bark like a dog. I will spare you theclose-up photos of what I bought up except to say that it was green and oyster like. Although I must admit there was a teeny voice in me that said make big Cibachrome prints of these. They could be impressive.

As soon as I arrived home I crashed onto my bed, beached, for several days my travel bags sat there spewing out shirts socks and other sundries.