South Island, New Zealand

Here is a map to make clearer where the localities
that I am discussing in my postings are.

Clicking on the map makes it larger. The same
is true of all photos on this blog.

Right now I am in Invercargill, down at the very bottom.
I’ve seen written that it is the southernmost city in the world. That may be true.
It is an end-of-the-line town. Anyone coming here is not en route to anywhere else, except for Stewart Island, Bluff, Riverton, small settlements like that.

It is tempting to ask oneself if towns at the end of roads, or railway lines, have a
particular personality. Do they attract a particular kind of inhabitant? I’ll let you
know if I come to any conclusions but I’m not going to be too hasty about it. It’s too
complex, although I know for sure that where ever I have gone, pretty well without exception, I have experienced overwhelming kindness and generosity.