Ode to a Daffodil.

Yesterday I came across these daffodils and was completely captivated by them. This was a major surprise to me because it was a sign that my taste in daffodils has changed radically. I now have two large vases of them at my Invercargill home, these ones on my desk which overlooks the street. At the beginning of the daffodil season here the only ones that I would buy were the classic ones. Plain yellow, simple petals, with long trumpets, like the ones in story books. I was quite rigid about this.

Then after a few weeks I began to notice and appreciate the more complicated ones, with multiple petals and shades of colour, varieties that I had until then, scorned. I was surprised at myself, why hadn’t I appreciated them before! I thought at the time that I still didn’t like the ones with pale petals, and coloured cups and doubted if I ever could.

Now, a month later I saw these and have changed my thinking again. It concerns me that I was not more open minded in the first place. And I ask myself if I am like this in other areas. I’d better be vigilant I feel.