I watched the All Blacks being defeated on my new Panasonic flat screen TV. What do I think about it? The defeat that is, not the Panasonic.

Our national anthem is a problem. ‘God Defend New Zealand.’ is a Christian prayer. It doesn’t seem fair on those of us who are not Christians to have it as our anthem. Barely 50% of New Zealanders put themselves down as Christian in the last census and the percentage appears to be dropping. It’s possible that by the next census Christians will be in the minority.

And it’s a pity that musically it’s such a dirge.

Although bought up a Catholic , I even wanted to be a priest, now I am an atheist so whenever our anthem is played I either have to hit the mute button or leave the room. On public occasions when I am exposed to it, while I do stand, my principles don’t allow me to sing the words.

Especially important is the question does prayer work. Recently there has been some research casting doubt on this. Certainly didn’t work on Sunday.