Tom Hutchins

Recently, in Auckland, Tom Hutchins died. When, in the late 70’s, I was beginning as a photographer, Tom was of considerable help to me. At that time, unlike now, workshops were popular and I met him when I went to a couple at Elam School as Fine Arts, then as now, part of Auckland University, although much changed, whether for the better history will decide.

I never knew him very well but he was a encouraging teacher. I don’t remember him ever commenting on my work, or even giving me technical tips. What he gave me was more important. He gave me encouragement. And he gave me the example of his life. He was one of the very first individuals that I had ever met, who used his camera with a belief that his work could, in some way, make the world a better place.

Unfortunately, he took early retirement in 1981 and I never saw him again. Thank you Tom.