The Tenderness of Wolves.

Last week I urgently needed a novel so I went into Unity Books in Auckland. I chose this one.

At 440 pages, it’s quite a substantial read. Yesterday we had a storm here, so I took most of the day off to finish the book and enjoy the wild weather. There was lightning and hail. My house lets in a lot of weather so I was well wrapped up.

This morning I was ponderering on how wonderfully evocative Stef Penney’s description of the Canadian landscape, had been.

It was a surprise to find out a few minutes later, that Stef Penney had never been to Canada!

It did take me a little time to get used to the idea, I was even a teeny bit indignant and uptight at first, for a few minutes only I assure you. I’m won over, particularly after reading this article. And the novel of course. I recommend it. Possibly it’s all the better for having being written out of a library in London.