Len Lye Again.

Firstly I want to thank those kind people who have sent me messages of support for my campaign to save one of New Plymouth’s historic buildings from demolition. See my posting below, Monday 19th Feb.

I never met Len Lye but did wonder what his attitude towards the destruction of the Regent building would be, especially as the site is to be cleared in order to construct ‘A World Centre for Len Lye’.

Last night I consulted the Roger Horrocks biography of him and there on page 283 I think I found the answer. In 1960, Len and his wife, Ann, were active in a campaign against New York City’s plan to ‘redevelop’ the area by demolishing old houses, houses in which many artists had their studios. His wind wands were used in protest, and the Village Voice described the event under the headline, ‘Swaying Mobile Is Art’s Ode to West Village Battle‘.