‘A World Centre For Len Lye.’

Here in New Plymouth we have fervent group of people pushing to raise $10M to build a
centre to house and promote the collection of Len Lye material that has been gifted to this city.

In the last week they have been particularly active, although personally I’m not entirely convinced by their thinking. However, apart from not attending their rallies, I’ve been very silent because, surprisingly enough, I like to lead the quiet life, and just get on with my work.

But one thing I no longer want to be silent about is that they are intending to smash down the Regent building. It is one of the most special heritage buildings in this city and understandably
they have not publicised their intentions. Even though many New Plymouth residents are opposed to the Len Lye Foundations activities they don’t yet realise that this building is in grave danger. Most think that the Foundation is going to be established inside the the Regent. There has been nothing in the local press about the building’s demolition and I’ll predict that when the news does break there will be strong opposition.

The large photos in the window are mine. It was a drive-by show that I had a couple of years ago.