Recently, on my 65th birthday, I decided that it was time for me to begin learning the piano. Living on my own and quite a distance from my nearest neighbours is a big help.
It means that I can practise pretty much whenever I want, and while I may be lacking in skill I make up for in motivation.

A bonus for me is that I have quite a lot of written music in the house. I find it an inspiration just to look at it even if I am years away from being able to play much of it.

I love the look of music and above have posted one of my favourites. It is some Bach. There is something about the arrangement of notes that thrills me. What it sounds like I don’t know, unless I resort to a CD. (click on the image to make it bigger.)

The second photo is one I made perhaps 20 years ago. I even called it Zoo Music.

At the same time as Zoo Music, I was obsessed with the idea of photographing mathematical calculations in particular those of Albert Einstein who died in 1955. In a biography I saw some of the pages that contained his last calculations. They looked so interesting, purely from a visual point of view, even though I am reasonable at maths I couldn’t follow them in the least. The papers were, I think, in an archive at Princeton Unversity, and I remember at the time being keen to go to Princeton to make a photo. Unfortunately it is a long way away and I didn’t make it.

The closest that I got to Einstein was to visit Lawrence, Kansas, where until the late 90’s his brain resided. It was then sent to Princeton.