Sunday Star Times

The cover of the magazine that accompanied yesterday’s edition of a national Sunday newspaper.
The original photo has had space added to the top and bottom, to make room for the typesetting.

Often editors take liberties with my images and crop them, which usually makes me rather unhappy. This is a very unusual case. The balance created by the designer seems well executed and I am pleased with it.

The photo was also printed inside the magazine.

The image immediately reminds me of musical score, which given that I am now studying the piano,
and am involved with looking at music several times every day, does not seem surprising.

The Sunday Star Times has a current print run of 202,000 and an estimated readership of 650,000, so this is good coverage. I’ve had exhibitions at dealer galleries in the past where I’ve been lucky if there have been, over a 3 week run, 200 visitors.

Most importantly, perhaps, is that having a photo put out there like this is a morale booster, an uplifting way to start the year.