Dem Bones.

One 0f the greatest advantages of living in New Plymouth is that it has an excellent library. Every Tuesday morning the latest acquisitions are put out on special shelves, for a week, for us to browse through before the books become available for borrowing. Usually there are about 30 books there, and usually I reserve at least one, more commonly 2 or 3, sometimes even 4.

Having a library of this quality gives me a steady flow of new books, on a variety of subjects and one of the latest that came my way is one called Human Anatomy, Depicting the Body from the Rennaissance to Today. There were many illustrations that caught my attention but one that did so especially was of a child’s skeleton, the child holding an adult femur.

I would like to photograph a baby’s hand holding a large bone, as in the photo below. The baby’s hand would be with flesh and, in Auckland, I have access to a suitable candidate. In New Plymouth I have access to some suitable bones. What it requires is for me to put these together, against a plain background.