Ciphers & Constellations in Love with a Woman 1941

On thinking about the photo of the bird paperworks made by children, that I took on Saturday, and other works, see previous blog, I am reminded of the work of Miro.

In the late 90’s I had a month in Barcelona and while there I saw a joint exhibition of Joan Miro and Alexander Calder. They were close friends for a long time. Calder used to travel to Barcelona to visit Miro. It was not until I saw these Miro works that I realised just how good he was as an artist and it made a big impact on me. Now I seem to have picked up some of their flavour in my own images although I don’t know whether influence is the right word.

His work encouraged me partly because the older he got the better his work became.. When you reach my age, observations like that become important! At the same time when I look at his work now, always in reproduction of course, I have never seen one in NZ, I also feel that it is so good that I also feel slightly discouraged. How could I ever reach that level I feel. Still I have to put that aside and keep striving.