Home Again- Aim Low In Future

I apologise for the delay between postings. In Auckland so much seemed to happen, far more that I had planned. I realise now that the list of objectives I took there with me was just too too long. It created expectations that left no room for the extras which came my way, so many of which, as usual, turned out to be so important.

I hadn’t even left room for the weather for example, which at times was monsoon like, warm, heavy, giant heavy drops, and quite wonderful, except when you are wanting to criss-cross Auckland’s ever changing roads in a car that you have never driven before.

And I hadn’t left room for being in cafes and, lo and behold, there was someone that I hadn’t seen for years, but was delighted and nourished by reconnecting with them.

The lesson for me is to aim low. My parents, my teachers, and my priests, all said the same thing: aim high. It was an approach hardwired into me over the decades. In recent years though I’ve seen just how it hasn’t, as an aphorism, got it quite right. If you let go you leave space for things to happen. I got it wrong on this trip, I tried to do too much, and as a result, my time became rushed and crowded. My blogging suffered and I am sorry about that. It’s vital to defrag. Today, and probably tomorrow as well I’m paying the price.