Studio View.
A section of my studio. The toy crane in the foreground I bought at least 10 years ago. Many times I’ve tried to photograph it. The green object behind is a section of poenamu, commonly in New Zealand, called greenstone, although found around the world and generally called jade. Notice the whitish crust that stones of pounamu often have. I bought this piece from an eldery man here in New Plymouth, with the aim of one day making some of my own jewellery. So far the only jewellery that I have made has been been from Fimo.

The two dark objects on either side of the pounamu are ventifacts. Old rocks shaped by the wind. There is a field of these in Taranaki although taking of the rocks is strictly forbidden. Both of these ventifacts were bought from collectors. Again, I have these with the aim of photographing them but so far no luck.