Waiheke Island, Christmas Eve 2006

When I first saw this structure, while out for a walk on Waiheke Island, I saw how it was the boat cradle photo taken at Ngawi, just posted hours before. I was surprised. It seemed at the time, as if I had chosen the Ngawi completely randomly so the Waiheke photo had the jolt of coincidence. I enjoy this new version, it seems lighter. It’s arrival was completely unexpected. I had my camphone on me and used it to take a number of views of this….actually, I’m not sure what it is. A boat cradle?

My camphone has a fingernail sized card that photos are recorded on. For some reason this particular card seems to be having trouble loading up from my card reader into a computer even though I have done it before. I need to look into it, but meanwhile I e-mailed this photo from my camphone, to my computer, for placing on this site. (Soon it will be possible to go directly from cell phone photo to posting.)

I was pleased and relieved that I was able to e this particular photo this way, as of all the pictures that I took on Waiheke, at the moment, I find this one the most interesting, and I didn’t want to lose it.