Christmas Eve 2006
This is a rarely seen photo that I made a couple of years ago. Never published, it remains one
of my favourites. I like the way that it reminds me of something from Mad Max.
I enjoy the scale of it as well. This trailer is on the Wairarapa coast where the waves are big
and the beaches steep. Bulldozers are used to put trailers like this in the water.

Today I am flying to Auckland and then getting a ferry to Waiheke Island where I will
stay for a few days. The plane journey and the ferry trip both take 35 minutes.
On Waiheke I will have access to a computer and hopefully I will be able to continue to maintain my website. I have not done this from a remote computer before.

If there are no more entries for the next few days, you will know that I am having difficulty doing this. Otherwise, I’ll be back at this computer on Friday afternoon.