This photo of a Trout was taken in Lake Taupo in 1987. At the time I made about
a dozen prints, and in keeping with my practise I have never printed up any more, in spite
of requests from time to time.

I do not have any more of these available for sale so anyone wanting one has had to wait for one
to come onto the secondary market. This is something that has hardly ever happened, as owners of the prints enjoyed them too much, and also seemed to be aware that it was, in the future, going to be much more valuable.

Now, however, in the latest Webb’s auction catalogue one has appeared. Estimated price range is from $4000-$6000 which is, rather low, but typical of auction prices.

In the previous auction, works from the Jim Fraser collection, there were also several of my photos sold including Meccano Bus. The estimate on this was $3000-$5000 and it sold for $6000, setting what Webb’s say is a new record for a single image in one of their sales. (Although I’m not entirely sure if this is true, true for one of my images yes, but others may have bettered this. I my be wrong.)