Congruence Again

I know I have written about congruence before,
I probably used words like template, and phrases
like templates that I carry, I might have even
said something like that on Kim Hill 
while broadcasting to the nation.
I can’t help it, I keep taking photographs that
remind me of photographs that I have taken before, 
although, always hopefully, the most recent will
in flavour and tone at least, add something
to it’s predecessor.
If it doesn’t then I am merely quoting myself,
raking the ashes and that is not healthy. 
The top photo was taken about 4 years ago at
McCraes Flat gold mine in Otago.
These trucks are huge and I printed a few
of these images biggish in this case but not
just because the trucks were big of course.
I think I sold 3 or 4 prints.
The other photo was taken in Norsewood, 
about a year ago,
a Danish settlement in the
lower half of the North Island.
I noticed these stumps on a distant hill.
I don’t know what the trees were originally.
There will be many people in Norsewood who
could tell me and I’m ready to ask them.
These stumps were a long way away but luckily
I had just bought a new Nikon
for about $800  mainly because it 
has a huge telephoto lens. 
That lens enabled me to reach out
and suck this photo in. I particularly like the flattening
of the planes.