I am showing you this image above
in order to illustrate one way in which
 I work.
I have just been to an exhibition of art
from South Asia, a large exhibition
being held here at the Govett-Brewster 
in New Plymouth.
I don’t want to talk about the exhibition
in this post, merely say that for some reason
buried deep in my unconscious, the 
arrangement of these 200 sewing machines 
draped in flags of the world affected
me in exactly the same way
as the shopping trolleys
from the previous post.
When I say affected, I mean somewhere
in my viscera, not anywhere eyebrows up.
I have no idea why it should be so.
It has nothing to do 
with this artist’s work or the gallery’s intention,
it is just that I seem to carry around templates
that I am constantly looking for and here I found some
objects that fitted. 
Below are two spectacular
examples of this congruence.
These are in a sense, the same