Waitomo Caves Hotel

A couple of weeks ago while exploring
limestone caves two hours drive 
north of where I live, 
 I stayed for 
two nights in the Waitomo Caves Hotel
shown above.
I was glad to stay there because the
last time I had visited was when 
I was a boy. I stayed in this very hotel.
It was one of a number of resort hotels that
had been built by the New Zealand Government,
Chateau Tongariro was another one.
My parents used to go on Winter holidays
in their expensive Jaguar, all walnut 
and leather, to these hotels. 
Amazingly they used to let me drive
this machine when I was about 16 or 17.
This car was often seen outside Takapuna Grammar School.
After I had stayed in the Waitomo Caves Hotel
and saw the architecture of the hotel
I was so reminded of an abandoned hospital
here in New Plymouth.
I think that it may have been  built by
the same government architects.