I offer my apologies for not posting 
for so long, not since November 18, 2011
in fact. Goodness gracious.
I seemed to run out of anything to say
for a while even though I had up until that time
written 947 posts.
Perhaps my mind was elsewhere.
Never mind summer is here and 
now I am back.

The scene above is at East End beach
here in New Plymouth. The ocean is the Tasman,
and from this point there is no more land
until Australia.

On a technical note, ‘noise’ is
very noticeable in this image.
Noise is the equivalent of grain
in film. The severity of it in this instance
may have something
to do with shooting into the sun.

Taken with an iPhone 4 this 
problem has been addressed with
the new model, the 4 s.
The images that it takes are
markedly cleaner.