Earthworm Studies

More than ten years ago 
I made some closeup photos
of earthworms, 
it was Herald Island days. 
I have the negatives
and a contact sheet but
 apart from making a couple of quick
prints, I didn’t pursue the image 
further. I don’t know why,
perhaps it was because other photos
were coming along and crowding it out 
and I was distracted.  I don’t know
where those two prints are at the moment although
I would like to. They are somewhere in the
drawers here though.
But the idea has constantly gnawed away,
so recently I bought some clay
and began making shapes
based upon the photos that I had taken,
and drawings that I made from time
to time such as these below.
The photo at the top of the page is 
my first clay version.
I would like to see it turned into
bronze, or even  marble. Or
perhaps a photographic image.
I’m not sure, so I’m exploring it now.