Tony’s Toys

I took this photo about 3 years ago,
and have had it on my bathroom wall
for the last two. I never went beyond making
one print. I wanted to think about the image
before I made the expensive decision to print
an edition, although I did exhibit this particular print a couple
of times.
I keep looking at this photo in terms of the
flat planes of colour that compose the image.
For some time I’ve been looking for a photo that
I’d taken that would work in needlepoint.
Perhaps this image could be treated that way.
Those flat planes make it much easier to
render in thread.
Even as a boy I was interested in needlepoint but never really
took it up other than in a sporadic way.
My mother did encourage me though and she
had as a young woman been a seamstress
in Karangahape Road.
I’ve heard my stitching described as ‘tortured’
so I wouldn’t stitch it myself.
Meanwhile, lately, I ‘ve been
thinking that I will after all print an edition
of the photographic version.