I have been visiting Rotorua
since I was a child.
In winters my parents
took us on trips to see it’s
wonders. I can still smell
the mix of sulphur and
the leather seats of the
A month or so ago I was there,
and as usual, captivated by
the personality of the city.
There is nowhere else like it in
New Zealand.
I photographed this fence 3 times,
it’s taken me a while
but I’ve whittled my choice
down to this one.
I am very careful not to be disrespectful
when I photograph
which is why I chose this
particular fence. It has been
built for tourists to photograph.
But of course, somehow the photograph
is not about anything ethnic at all.
It is about the visual vibrations that the
patterns set up. The push and pull on the eyeball.