Tower of Song.


This is my latest photo, taken
in Auckland last Saturday.
First thing that I was reminded of
was the work shown on the contact
sheets below made sometime in the eighties.
I unearthed these during a recent
tidy up.
The structure in the top photo is a coat stand,
the objects in the contact sheet are the
legs of a small table.


I’m going to print the top photo soon,
quite large.


Some years ago I 
cut a privet down
and selecting as many
little branches 
as possible I 
whittled away at them until
they came out in these shapes.
Lately, as I wrote in the previous post,
I have been in the
mood to carry on with this work, don’t know
why after all this time that it has come upon
me but I’ll just get on
and enjoy the process.
In the last few days
I decided to scale up size to see
what would happen.
Here is a branch awaiting the


This morning I have been cutting
away at some dead Whau trees
right outside my bedroom window.
I’ve saved quite a few of the branches
in case I can manage to whittle them into
shapes that I like.
Here is one at the beginning of its 
transformation, big word for
what I hope will happen.



I have a high balcony that projects out
into some native trees.
This tree is a makomako,
known in English as a 
wineberry. The berries
when ripe are the colour
of red wine.
I planted several of these
trees to entice
birds into my


I have just printed an edition of this
photograph. In this case
I made 10.
Originally I thought that it
might be my Christmas
photo but the more I 
looked at it the more I felt
that it needed to be bigger.
This is Albert Park in Auckland
and the lanterns are there
because it is the Chinese New Year.
Two years old, I treasure
this picture, it touches my heart.


Christmas Past

This was my Christmas photo last
 It has been my practise to
make little photos in December
little photos in largish editions
and at a lowish price.
This photo I keep coming
back to for some reason.
I’m glad about that.


Often over the last few years
I have made Christmas photos.
Here is this years example,
A couple of months ago I had
quite a bad dose of the flu
but managed to get up on a 
Sunday morning and go the 
local Farmer’s Market where I 
bought these bluebells.
I was able to take this
photo without even getting
out of bed.

Meat Scene

This photograph was taken in the 80’s
when I was an artist in residence artist
in Rangitoto College in Auckland, now one of
the biggest secondary schools in New Zealand.
These are frozen hearts, probably from cattle
and being defrosted for a biology class.
They are immersed in hot water 
in this stainless steel sink, 
thawing out before a dissection class.


Walking in Ponsonby a few evenings
ago, I took this photo of a sheep
carcass in the window of a small
boutique butcher. On this occasion
the photo was taken using
my smart phone.
I couldn’t help but be reminded
of a photo that I made a year or so ago,
see below, this time in a window 
in Eltham in Taranaki.
The difference is that this carcass
is not real. It was part
of a movie set.



Near New Plymouth there is a very
large garden, 360 hectares of it, on the side
of snowy Mount Taranaki. Called Pukeiti it was
established in 1951.
Planted in amongst the rain forest 
is a very important plant collection,
notably rhododendrons. There is a
nip in the slightly alpine air at Pukeiti that they
particularly like.
The weekend before last I took this colour
photo of a rata that survived
the early milling that ravaged this area
I’m not sure whether I want to keep it,
but ten years ago I took the photo below, of another
Rata also at Pukeiti. I did print it
up into an edition.



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