A Letter For Students.

Dear students (and teachers),
I have a problem at present. I’m receiving
numerous requests from students seeking
help with their photographic assignments.
In the week before last I received 5, including 2 from Australia.
The assignments are often lengthy and involve
asking me a number of complex questions
about some aspect of my work,
or life. Sometimes just reading them
feels like homework.
Anyway, I’d like
to be helpful so I’m making a suggestion
that students seek out a book that was
published last year.
Ask your teacher to buy it for the
department, perhaps.
It is full of information
of the kind that I am often asked for,
biographical for example.
It can be ordered from Parsons in Auckland
and delivered to you in 2 or 3 days.
It costs $49.95, freight will be a bit extra.
+64 9 3031557

And I would suggest using a search engine
such as Google. Type in Peter Peryer and
a mountain of information comes up, images included.
Remember to refine your search by writing,
for example “Peter Peryer biography”.
Also, I do have this online journal, of which this
post is number 736. In this blog I show and talk
about my work from a variety of angles.