A Letter For Students.

Dear students (and teachers),
I have a problem at present. I’m receiving
numerous requests from students seeking
help with their photographic assignments.
In the week before last I received 5, including 2 from Australia.
The assignments are often lengthy and involve
asking me a number of complex questions
about some aspect of my work,
or life. Sometimes just reading them
feels like homework.
Anyway, I’d like
to be helpful so I’m making a suggestion
that students seek out a book that was
published last year.
Ask your teacher to buy it for the
department, perhaps.
It is full of information
of the kind that I am often asked for,
biographical for example.
It can be ordered from Parsons in Auckland
and delivered to you in 2 or 3 days.
It costs $49.95, freight will be a bit extra.
+64 9 3031557

And I would suggest using a search engine
such as Google. Type in Peter Peryer and
a mountain of information comes up, images included.
Remember to refine your search by writing,
for example “Peter Peryer biography”.
Also, I do have this online journal, of which this
post is number 736. In this blog I show and talk
about my work from a variety of angles.

Book Signing
Last Friday I was in Auckland to, amongst other things, to sign a special limited edition of my book. 100 hard backed numbered copies have been made. The book is being released on September 10. Copies are available from Parson Bookshop in Auckland.

Cover Story

I have a book being published on September 10th. Here is the photo chosen for the cover.
It was a toy that I bought at a $2 shop.

More Book

Auckland University Press are planning to publish a book about my work this coming year with the date for publication currently set for September. It will not be associated with an exhibition.

Part of the book is going to be a selection of 80 photos, a selection made by me from my entire photographic career. I must have all files in the publishers hands by the end of January, the list of the images by the beginning. There is quite a lot to putting this together so this Christmas there is not a lot of putting my feet up with a good book.

Here is a wall view of some of the those photos on the short list.

On My Feet Again

Am recovering from my illness and now back on to working on putting a
book together. Tomorrow I travel to Auckland for a meeting with the
publishers to discuss various details such as design.

Here is a wall at my New Plymouth studio, where I am beginning to orchestrate the
selection of images to be included.