The Almond Tree

Last year, when I was living at Henderson House high above Alexandra in Central Otago, there was an almond tree in the garden. It was the first fruit tree to flower, very early in the spring, almost in late winter but alone and laden. The apricots, plums, and apples were all much later so this tree stood out, alone and laden.

At the time I took one photo of the scene, this one. Very Pictorialist in feel I recognise, but then the Pictorialism movement in photography has never been anathema to me. I’m more of the opinion that great photography has been made in all styles and with all cameras ever since photography was invented and I don’t like to miss out.

I’ve just returned from Auckland where I had ten of this small image printed . This evening I’m wondering if that is going to be enough. Judging the size of an edition is not a straightforward process for me. Frequently I’ve misjudged and printed too few, at other times, too many.

Almonds Over Alexandra

This morning, a Saturday, I made a big effort to take a photograph.

Here is one from my balcony although I admit that I softened the effect of the Alexandra houses in the foreground.

The tree on the left is an almond. The last time I saw one of these was 10 years ago on Ibiza.