More Autumn Colours

From time from time to time visitors to my site 
send or show me their photos in response to those that I have been posting.
Here is one made by Haruna Murayama, a Japanese friend of mine here in Alexandra.
Wow! It was taken two or three weeks ago near Arrowtown and this view will have now changed
otherwise I would have been driving up there at daylight tomorrow! Unfortunately she only showed me the photo yesterday.
This is a photo that I recently took of Haruna. 
I rather like this as a portrait.

Tailings in Autumn

This is an industrial site on a large scale. Gold dredges worked through here and in great numbers. Some of the tailings left in these patterns are now part of a reserve. Recently I flew over this area in a light plane and took this photo through a window.

I’ve been working on autumn leaves quite a lot, especially as I only have another couple of weeks before these leaves completely change, they are changing now on a daily basis. A decent wind and the leaves could well disappear.

Today I walked into the tailings and took this Autumn leaves photo. I felt that it was good to combine two themes.

Apricot Gold

A scene from an apricot orchard yesterday in Graveyard Gully, one of my favourite spots around here.

It takes its name from a sad little cemetery in which there are about 30 unmarked graves, with a single monument in the middle. The graves are all those of men, most of whom would have been drawn here from far away, by the lure of gold.

Autumn Leaves

Just as this area is famous for its rocks, it’s also well known for
the intensity, by New Zealand standards,
of its autumn colours.

As a photographer, it seems impossible to resist trying to take the
quintessential autumn leaf photo.
Here are a couple of recent endeavours. They are far from being top shelf, but at least
I am enjoying the pursuit.