I mentioned a couple of posts back that the photo
I had taken of the Neenish Tarts was one of the most
popular that I had ever made.
Here is another one that was popular as well.
It is about 7 years old.
The barn was in a paddock somewhere to
the south of Martinborough, at the bottom
of the North Island.
I often look at barns and around here in Taranaki
there is no shortage. I almost a connoisseur of
barns. The one in the photo is one of the most
perfect that I’ve ever seen. It sits there with
such clarity.

Old Man Range

I’ve been transferring photos from my Alexandra computer to my New Plymouth one and came back to this image. Photographed just above Alexandra, a month or so ago it continues to remind me something man made.

It reminds me too of this photograph of the Three Sisters landmark in North Taranaki, an hours drive north my New Plymouth studio. A month after this photo was taken one of the Sisters collapsed during a storm, the middle sister, the ‘skinny sister’.

I have a trust called ‘The Three Sisters Trust’.