Broken Arrow

Two or three years ago I started making some shapes in polymer clay with the intention of turning them into brooches. Fimo is a polymer clay although in this case I used a Palmerston North equivalent.
I glued cheap clips onto the back of a couple of them and even had the temerity to wear them a few times. Didn’t feel that confident and now they are in a shoe box. There’s probably about 20 of them.
At one stage though one of my favourite cheap clip brooches fell on the floor and the end snapped off. The combination of the body of the brooch and the snapped off tip I responded to, so with white chalk on the kitchen blackboard, I made this drawing. I like this drawing but better still, since this last weekend, I feel that I want to get the shoebox out again. If you see someone wearing on his lapel a shape like this but with the tip reglued then introduce yourself.