The Chinese Garden

This garden was built here in
New Plymouth in 2003 as a gift from its
Chinese Sister City, Kunming.
Chinese tradesmen came and worked
here for some time. Materials were
shipped from China.
Now that 7 years has passed the garden is
beginning to take more shape. Plants such as
the bamboo on the left and the ginkgo on the right
are looking more established.

The Dunedin Chinese Garden

Recently after 8 years in the planning, this large garden with accompanying buildings opened in Dunedin. It has been built as a tribute to the contribution that Chinese people have made to the history and prosperity of Dunedin and Otago.

The Garden was prefabricated and assembled in Shanghai on a site identical in size and shape to the one in Dunedin. It was then dismantled and transported to Dunedin where it was reconstructed. Workers came from China to complete this task.