Notes on the Exhibition Below

This droopy ice cream I found sitting on a seat in a bus shelter.
It’s possible that it’s a McDonalds ice cream because there was one close by.
It was night time and luckily I had my little pocket Leica on me. I used the built
in flash for this. I’m not an expert on McDonalds because I’ve only eaten two in my life, one
in New Zealand and one in Germany. The German one tasted a lot better because it was accompanied by a MacBeer.

I found this dog at a Sunday market in Underwood, just out of Invercargill. It is not real I’m sorry to say. It was being used to advertise these knitted jerseys. The owner allowed me to move the dog to a clear space, she was enjoying how much I was enjoying myself. In retrospect
I wish that I had bought the jumper and made an offer on the dog as well.

Sorry cat lovers but this highly realistic cat is fake. It was in a shop window and for sale. I was tempted to buy
it but it was about $150 so I decided to be financially prudent and take the photo in situ, by pressing the camera lens against the glass. Again I used the flash which in this case, really helped the cat to stand out against the background and give it the startled look.