Flowers at the Cemetery.

Yesterday I visited my parents remains
at Snapper Rock Cemetery in Auckland.
I spent some time there, wandering around
looking at the graves and enjoying the peaceful
My eye was continually attracted to the bunches
of artificial flowers that were dotted around.
Many of them had an attractive faded pastel look.
I’ve often said that sometimes I photograph
objects to see what they look like when
they are photographed. This
image falls into that category.

Hibiscus and Coleus

Over the last few months I’ve been
noticing flower and foliage more and
more often. Haven’t had too many images
that I would regard as keepers
but I’m persisting.
This interest in not new.
From the time that I began photographing
more than thirty years ago, I’ve
been attracted to both of these
areas in my quest for subject matter.

In the Pink

A photo that I took today when even though the temperatures were very low,
the sun was shining. It reminds me of some photos that I have taken of flowers e.g. Fuchsia.