A photo of a hare that I took
a couple of years ago is now
on the side of the Govett-Brewster
Art Gallery here in New Plymouth.
It is the signature work
for a collection show that they
have on at present.

Albino Hare

Here’s a coincidence. Last night I stayed with friends who live in a most interesting house on several beautiful acres just out of Alexandra. it was clear that their land, like much of this region, has a severe infestation of rabbits. Rabbits have changed this landscape, nibbling plants so close to the ground that when the wind blows the topsoil is carried away forever.

Jazz, their cat, caught a young rabbit last night before our very eyes as we sat, alfresco, sampling some of the wine that this region is famous for. It was a gruesome yet riveting sight. I took out my camera but couldn’t find a photo in it.

This morning when I got up, rather late by my standards, there was Jazz with yet another young rabbit laid alongside the previous night’s kill. Again I couldn’t find a photo, I found it hard to watch as she gnawed away at the victim’s neck.

Later this afternoon, three friends from Nelson turned up here at Henderson House. As always, it was a delight to see them. As they were leaving, Tim said that a few days ago they had bought something that he thought that could be interested in. Disappearing into their caravan he emerged with this stuffed albino hare. I took one snap of it. It could be a keeper.