More Planes

A couple of blogs back I discussed how aeroplanes
are a subject that I never lose interest in, not
that I have accumulated a large number of images
to show for it.
Here is one however that I did keep, in fact I
printed up a few. This was probably about
15 years ago.
It is a RNZAF Hercules making an approach
on Whenuapai where the squadron is based.
At the time of the photo it was flying
over Herald Island.


It’s a lot of fun when friends send me their photos
because the images
remind them of my style. It’s like a conversation.

Here is a photo taken by Tomislav Krpan,
a friend of mine from Auckland. Tomislav knows
that not only
is the composition similar to what I use, but the subject matter is one that I am
interested in. I have even made a photo of a Hercules. The Hercules, or Lockheed C-130 to give them their full name, operate out of Whenuapai, where the RNZAF has 5.

When I lived at Herald Island, which is right off the end of the runway at Whenuapai, these planes were a constant source of pleasure for me.